Breakfast can be pure pleasure…

– lovely tastes, texture and presentation. Some call our Quinola a Breakfast Dessert so why not join us and make your first eating experience of the day a joyful and pleasurable one?


What’s Quinola?

We’d love to introduce you to our blend of fabulous granola ingredients as we join you for breakfast. Find out more.

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The Vision Behind Quinola…

The motivation for Wreap is simple – love of food, love of health and love of environment.

We believe in life we get back what we put in – tenfold – reaping the rewards of what we all put into life, love and health. As a community we can enjoy the benefits of the real food we put into our bodies and enjoy vitality, longevity and feelings of wellbeing. And by supporting local growers and independent producers we help the environment and animal welfare while contributing to the local economy, sharing the rewards among us all rather than just a few.

Our aim for Wreap is to source ingredients locally and organically whenever possible while offering excellent value for money while never compromising quality or service.

Mass produced food and intensive farming practises have caused many people to lose their connection to the land, our care for animals and even our own health. The dominance of supermarkets in Australia has forced producers to keep their prices down so they can sell food for less than it’s worth and/or sell poor quality produce.  Our food, our land and our environment are our life.   Sadly we can’t rely on big business to do the right thing so it is up to us as consumers and producers to take a stand and buy fresh, organic and local food and use sustainable packaging as much as possible

The focus of our business, due to its’ popularity, is Quinola. A very tasty breakfast cereal made from gluten-free ingredients with lots of nuts, seeds and super foods like quinoa and chia seeds. It’s loaded with protein, fibre, omega 3s, has beautiful taste & texture, is extremely versatile and so easy.

From the Team at Wreap

Sprinkled Quinola Granola by Wreap

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Granola with Quinoa, Millet, Nuts and Seeds